Have you ever heard the term “Impostor Syndrome”? I’m sure you have, Impostor Syndrome basically means you feel like you’re no adequate for the job, you feel like like everyone around you is so much better than you and you finally feel like you’re not up to the challenge, which many times leads to awful results, i.e. you start thinking there’s no point in continuing your work because after all, you have convinced yourself that you are not capable of doing it, and ultimately leave for a smaller role.

This is of course very dangerous, specially when you are surrounded by so many talented individuals. When I first joined 10up two years ago, I was warned about it, I was told: “Be careful of the impostor syndrome, don’t let it get to you, remember you are here, you made it, you are as valuable as any other person on board”. I’m paraphrasing of course, but that was really helpful at the time.

Now, I have been thinking about it lately, and I can’t help but wonder, is it really that bad? And I came to a surprising conclusion: it’s not.

Let me go back a bit to explain why I think this way, as I said before, the Imposter Syndrome happens when you don’t really feel you’re as good as the rest of people that surround you, that is dangerous, but think about it, if you feel like you are not as good as everybody else, that only means everybody else is amazing. And I think that’s beautiful. Being part of something so good that even you have doubts about belonging in there? That’s awesome.

It all comes down to how you decide to take, it’s a decision after all, you can decide you are not as good as everyone else and just leave. Or you can decide that even if you think you’re not as good, you will become that good.

Do not be afraid of the Imposter Syndrome, own it, make it part of your motivation. If you don’t feel the Impostor Syndrome, then you’re not surrounded by the right people. As time goes by you will realize you are up to the challenge, and in no time a new soul will come along and feel the same way you are feeling, but this time, they will be looking up to you.

Fake it ’till you make it, work for it, and stay hungry.

Mario Aguiar

Soy un Front-End developer, conferencista, y a veces escritor. Actualmente trabajo para 10up. Vivo en la hermosa ciudad de Aguascalientes, México. Puedes seguirme en Twitter @emeaguiar.

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